Frequent questions we receive:

  • 1. Why is my status on `Wainting queue`?

    Usually our servers are 100% loaded, so unfortunately sometimes it can take some time for the file to enter the processing queue.
    However, you are notified by e-mail when the decryption process is over and it's status (success or failure).
    If you are in a hurry, please specify in the message box at step 2.

  • 2. Why is my status `Rejected`?

    Your status is rejected because you've probably sent an illegal file (like different cracks, hacks etc), which usually are not even the real deal, but trojans, fake books etc, posted on different sites to make money by downloading or making surveys etc.
    We usually don't judge the contents of your encrypted files, but trust us, you will be very disappointed if you pay for the password and inside you will get a different book than the one in the title, or a fake program that doesn't work. So we prefer to avoid such cases.

  • 3. How long does it take to decrypt one file?

    Depends on the file type and the encryption algorithm.
    For older office documents(doc, xls, ppt, mdb) decryption is done usually in a couple of minutes.
    For newer files like docx, xlsx etc. decryption can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to 24-48 hours.
    For zip, eoc, pdf, rar files, decryption make take from a couple of minutes to a couple of days.

  • 4. Do you always recover the password?

    Not always. Sometimes we use some predefined tables to speed up the recovery process and the password is not available. However, if you have multiple files encrypted with the same password you can get discounts for recovering additional files of the same type, with the same password.

  • 5. My job seems stuck around 70%,80%,90%? Or the job is at 12% and yesterday was at 80%

    Even the job seems stuck around x %, we assure you it still runs. The recovery process is not linear, we try different attack types on your files and the job sometimes seems to reset. Other online services give up after 24 hours, if they cannot recover the password. We usually try several days if the encryption/password is complex, so we can reach a decent password size and maximize the chances of recovery.

  • 6. What is the meaning of `file size is null or incomplete` or `file is not protected`

    'File size is null` status is set by our system if your uploaded file basically has no contents or only the file header is present. In this case we cannot recover/decrypt your file. Please check the file size and if on your computer file size is >0 bytes try to upload the file again, maybe it was an upload error.
    `File is not protected` you receive if your file doesn't have any password. Maybe you uploaded a different file by mistake or maybe your file doesn't open for some other reasons (like is corrupted etc) In this case you may try to open it with another Microsoft Office / Open office version.

  • 7. My decryption failed. What can I do now?

    First, be sure to complete the password entropy wizard. This allow us to make a custom attack based on how you usually set up your passwords. A second thing to try, is to upload a different file with the same password but with lower encryption (if it's available of course). For example, if you've sent a rar which failed to decrypt and by any chance you have an older zip file with the same password, you can try to send also the zip archive. You can check the speed of recovery for different file formats on our password simulator.

    There are some people who are very dissapointed when their decryption process fails, they even send us hate mail(usually the category mentioned at 2.) Before you do that, please note that we spent resources (time and money) trying to decrypt your file without asking anything upfront.

  • 8. Do I need to let my computer or my browser open?

    No. After you uploaded your file and sent the rest of the information you can safely close your browser or your computer and the decryption will still continue.

  • 9. How can I trust you? What if I pay and you don't deliver the file?

    When the decryption process is over, you will get some sort of proof (usually a part of the file as a picture or as text). If you need additional proof please contact us. There is no reason not to send you the file after you've made the payment.

    Please note that, we do not provide proof if your file is an `exe` type.
    Also we don't provide proof in case the file is not protected with an open password(only has one sheet protected for modify for e.g).
    We also cannot provide proof in case your file is an audio type (wav,mp3,flac etc).

  • 10. How about the confidentiality of my files?

    Please consult our Service and Confidentiality Agreement (right below the `Browse`|upload button. Original and decrypted files are automatically deleted by our system after you confirmed the receiving of the unprotected file or password.

  • 11. Refund policy

    Even though the payment options will appear only if the file is decrypted, we offer full refund if the file is not decrypted correctly for some reason.

  • 12. Delivery policy

    After the payment is complete you will receive the decrypted file by email. If the file is bigger than 10MB you will receive a download link.

    Please do not send files just to test the service.
    You are using precious server time and resources and you also contribute to global warming :).
    If you have a different question please don't hesitate to contact us here